My approach is rooted in the most basic — yet often conflicting — functions of food: nourishment and pleasure. Many of the diets you see in the media favor nutrition at the cost of pleasure, and that’s not something I can get behind. Because at the end of the day, enjoying delicious, flavorful food is part of a happy (and healthy) life.

Plate it Pretty

Many of us go out of our way on presentation when serving food to guests, but wind up eating from paper Whole Foods containers when it’s just us. But when food is plated beautifully and thoughtfully, it makes the meal or snack more appetizing and enjoyable, and can even prevent overeating.

Eating Seasonal

I’m a bit of a farmers market junkie, and with good reason. Because organic food from small farms is typically grown in healthier, less nutrient-depleted soil, it also tastes better – meaning you can prepare a delicious and satisfying meal more simply. And since the nutritional breakdown starts as soon as a fruit or vegetable is harvested, the less travel time, the better.


Reducing added sugar is something I recommend to all my clients, as a way to feel better, brighter, and less sluggish. By no means does this translate to cutting out carbs completely. Instead, it’s about limiting that sneaky sugar that doesn’t really need to be there in the first place, i.e. evaporated cane juice in nut butters. One of my favorite, simple switches is swapping out jelly or jam in PBJs for fresh berries and sea salt, and serving open-faced for breakfast or a pre-workout snack.

Buddy up

Speaking of workouts, I’m a huge fan of the buddy system. We all lead such busy lives, and it can be challenging to coordinate our social calendars and our workouts. And the truth is, both are important for health. This is why I’m such a big advocate for combining the two.
You couldn’t pay me to run on a treadmill for 45 minutes. But a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains while catching up with a girlfriend, or shaking my way through a barre class with a new colleague in Manhattan? Yes, please.