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Shira Lenchewski is a dynamic, results-oriented nutritionist with a strong science foundation, and a meaningful understanding of the interplay between food and the body. Pulling from her advanced nutritional science education at New York University, and her deep love of good food, Shira is skilled at designing sustainable, individualized eating plans that work for even the most demanding lifestyles.

Shira understands the challenges involved with balancing travel, social engagements, and dining out within a healthy framework. Likewise, she acts as a “menu concierge,” helping clients find clean menu options at their favorite restaurants and hotels. She is also well versed in food allergies.

Shira’s practice is as forward-thinking as her method. She visits clients at home and at work, wherever they may be. And she incorporates the latest technology to help clients make informed decisions on the fly.

Shira is the resident nutrition expert at, and has been featured in GOOPELLE,, Refinery29,,, The Real Girl’s Kitchen, and POPSUGAR Fitness amongst others. Read her latest press here.

Shira’s Mind-to-Table approach is built on a clean-eating lifestyle, emphasizing whole, organic foods with big flavors. Through coaching, she helps clients navigate portion control and hunger/satiety cues, allowing them the freedom to incorporate their favorite foods in moderation — all without a guilty aftertaste. The ultimate goal is to develop a positive relationship with eating, allowing clients to enjoy good food (and wine), and look great in their favorite clothes (and without them).

Shira spent the majority of her life as a competitive lightweight rower, which later earned her a scholarship at a Division I College. Her interest in human physiology, and athletic performance is what directed her a career in the health industry.

Shira earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA. She went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. There, she completed the prestigious New York University Dietetic Internship, which required intensive Medical Nutrition Therapy training and 6-months of clinical rotations at Mount Sinai Hospital. As a part of the medical team, Shira provided Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT) for patients in the following departments: cardiology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, oncology, and completed her elective in metabolic disturbances and endocrinology.

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